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Thank you for stopping by.  Our mission is to provide authentic, relevant ministry in your community that brings glory to Christ through our artists and speakers.  When you need a musical artist for your event, we are here to provide a service for you to help bring quality acts to help deliver the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to your neighborhoods.  Below you will see tabs to guide you through the experience of booking a Dream artist.

How To Book Your EventHow To Promote Your ShowDream Artists
How To Book Your Event


Booking a Dream  artist is a great way to enhance your event’s overall experience when worshiping our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Whether this is your first time booking an event, or you do this on a regular basis, we  are here to help make the experience a positive one for you. Here is how the process works with us:

Step #1: Choose An Artist

Dream helps all of it’s artists book their events either directly or indirectly through this site.  The first step is to decide which one is best for your event and how you see them serving your needs.  All of our artists tour quite frequently so by requesting them it does not guarantee that they will be able to join so it is always helpful to have a couple of artist in mind.

If you are reading this page and are unfamiliar with all of our artists we can help.  Simply click on the “Artist” tab at the top of our website to get more familiar.  We have photos, artist bios, social feeds and videos for you to review.

Step #2: Details Of Your Event

Planning an event takes a lot of work.  To help with this process we have carefully crafted several questions in our contact form for you to help ensure a speed process with our team. To review simply look to your right to see what sort of information you’ll need to send to us.  Once you have this information together it’s time to send us  your request.

Step #3: We Will Review And Respond Quickly

Now that you have your information together, and the details worked out, it is time to contact us (using the “booking” tab). Once you fill out all of the information and complete the form, you will receive a message letting you know that your form was submitted.

Once you have submitted this form, a member of our booking team will contact you. From there, they will look at the availability, and discuss with you whether or not your request can be approved. If it can be approved, they will issue you a contract to secure the date, and from there, you will work with the artists road manager to start planning the travel, etc….

How To Promote Your Show

How To Promote Your Show:

Remember that you must have a confirmed date before you can begin promoting your event. The offer form that you submit is not a contract, nor is it a confirmed date. Please keep in mind however that your offer is a legally binding agreement once the Artist accepts it.

Once Your Date Is Confirmed:

    • Finalize your promotional campaign with sponsors and concert/promotions committees.
    • Locate and reserve any equipment that you are to provide for the concert date (see Artist’s rider).
    • Confirm ticket outlets


  • Order promotional materials (see Artist’s rider for guidelines). All promotional material MUST be approved by Artist and/or Artist’s representative.
  • Contact the sales office of radio/TV stations to determine radio/TV spot schedules. Remember to utilize both Christian and mainstream radio. It is helpful to focus radio spots on drive times, Saturday mornings or Thursday/Friday nights. For TV spots it is helpful to buy time during programs that appeal to your target audience.
  • Use any and all social networking sites. Some Artist’s have strong web-based street teams. Talk to management about how to utilize those teams.
  • Contact the editor(s) of prominent local newspapers regarding doing a cover or feature story on the Artist/concert. Target space on the cover of the entertainment section to appear about a week prior to the engagement. This can also be coordinated with the Artist’s publicist.
  • Organize and confirm all concert staff that you will need for the event. Distribute tickets to ticket outlets.


  • Contact all area churches and youth organizations. Word of mouth is very important. Identify other events that will have a similar demographic as yours and request permission to hand out flyers, put up posters, etc. at those events.
  • Place ads in local and/or regional Christian Newspapers as well as free event or activities publications and college and high school papers.
  • Tickets should go on sale (if not done so before now).
  • Begin running “teaser” radio spots announcing concert and on-sale date.
  • Make sure you have all promotional material in your hands.


  • Distribute promotional materials. Place flyers in local church bulletins, put up posters around town, etc. Don’t forget local retailers and non-profit organizations. It is important to ask for permission first. It is also common courtesy to remove the posters/flyers after your engagement has passed.
  • Send group e-mail and direct mail piece to potential ticket buyers, local/regional churches, high schools, colleges, universities, etc in the concert market.
  • Contact churches and para-church organizations regarding special group rates, contests, etc.
  • Confirm ad placements and cover stories.


  • Begin full radio advertising campaign and establish contest/giveaway schedule. Contact Artist’s management to schedule call-in interviews with the Artist for local Christian radio.
  • Send press releases to local newspapers, etc.
  • Finalize all personnel for day of show.
  • Contact caterer and identify menus and number of meals.
  • Begin giving ticket counts to the Artist’s representative.
  • Begin TV advertising (if any).
  • Create an information card for concert attendees to fill out at your event. (This is a key source of information for use in future concert promotions.)


  • Analyze ticket sales and modify promotional campaign accordingly.
  • Contact your agent if there are concerns.
  • Contact road/tour manager to advance the date (if not done so before now).


  • Send ticket counts daily to the Artist’s management company.
  • Finalize all mail-order and group ticket sales.
  • Gather all documented expenses and receipts. Have an accurate ticket count and all money accounted for when you meet on the day of your event to settle the show with Artist’s road/tour manager.
Dream Artists


Here is a list of the following artists that Dream will help in the booking process with you.  Some of our artists do have individual artist booking companies that take care of them but don’t fret, we will forward your request to the following team members for them to reach out to you. You can click on each artist and it will take you to their artist page.


  • Cindy Cruse Ratcliff
  • Central Music
  • NewSpring Worship
  • Lifepoint Worship
  • Seacoast Worship
  • Philip Hamrick
  • The Church Vessel
  • The Rock Music
  • DayStar Worship
  • Open Heaven
  • Chapel Band
  • Hope Chapel
  • Mid-Cities Worship
  • Andy Garcia
  • New Hope Oahu
  • Freedom Church
  • Life.Church Worship
  • Cameron Moore
  • Cliff & Antoinette
  • Jeremy Gibson


  • Matthew Parker
  • Joel Vaughn
  • Landry Cantrell
  • Abigail Duhon
  • Long Hollow Wave
  • We Are Leo
  • Equippers Revolution
  • Switch
  • Cameron James
  • Mass Anthem


  • The Potter’s House
  • Casey And Erica
  • Grace
  • Nate Bean & 4Given
  • God’s Chosen
  • The Brown Boyz
  • Restine Jackson
  • Da’dra
  • Riverside SDA Church


  • Twilight Meadow
  • Chris Howland
  • Matthew Parker
  • Unikron
  • Toxic Emotion



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