Steve Hare

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“It all begins and ends with the heart.  My passion is to help others meet the heart maker and know His love for them.” – Steve Hare

This passion is the driving force behind each and every tool Steve uses to reach others for God.  As the Senior Pastor and worship leader of a large, diverse congregation in the North East region, Steve maximizes each opportunity to get the message of Christ’s love out to a hurting world.

In 1994 Steve started a radio station 89.1 FM in Wilmington, Delaware which he grew into 22 FM radio stations from center city Philadelphia to 11 states and Canada and is widely known as the Reach Radio Network (  This 24/7 all music network has a unique personality of being one of the only radio networks that not only plays great hit music, but literally mobilizes street reach teams that continually go into impoverished and crime ridden areas with the message of God’s love.  Day of the Cross is one of these street reach missions founded by Steve, where Reach Radio teams take a 6 foot wooden cross equipped with a sound system and bags of food, into drug and crime ridden areas such as Camden, NJ. These teams send the message of God’s love echoing through the streets into the hearts of the homeless, prostitutes, children and many people who are deeply hurting, inviting them to pray at the cross.

Another tool of ministry dear to Steve’s heart is Project Restoration, Inc. “A few years ago I was driving along and made a wrong turn into neighborhood and as I looked around, the houses were boarded up, little children playing the street with drug deals going down on the corner.  There was such a feeling of depression. Tears just came and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. That’s when I knew things had to change and I wanted to focus every tool I have towards making that change” After that day, the outreach ministry, Project Restoration, began.  Steve started taking teams, not just in this neighborhood, but into many others just like it – picking up children and families on busses transporting them into his suburban church campus for ministry, training and most of all showering them with God’s love.   Steve continues to minister to these kids and families twelve months of every year.

Steve’s closest team is his wife Jen and his son Steven “We love God, each other, and totally love working together with the same passion and mission – to reach.”

Serving as the chaplain of the Philadelphia Soul Arena Football Franchise, Steve continually remains steadfast that no matter who you are, no matter where you are in life – it all begins and ends with the heart.

Steve’s newest album “Heart Like Your Own” is filled with an upbeat pop/dance rhythm that makes you want to dance while keeping the message of the heart – beating strong.



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