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REVIVE WORSHIP_King Of Glory_The Psalms_ Final Coverf
Bio: Revive King of Glory /The Psalms is based on The Holy Bible

Psalm 40 “You Are God” /Psalm 89 “You Alone”/Psalm 42 “Send Your Light”/Psalms 19 “Sweeter”/ Psalm 24 “King of Glory”/ Psalm 150 “Great God” /Psalm 1 “ My Delight” / Psalm 90 “Everlasting”/ Psalm 92 “Lord Most High”/ Psalm 2 “ My Refuge”


Revive Worship Music is a ministry of First Baptist Church of Loganville, Ga. It was birthed out of a desire to see worship revived in the church. Our hope is that not only will musical worship be revived, but also that what is said in Romans 12:1-2 that living a life of sacrifice as a true act of spiritual worship will ring true in all our hearts and those impacted by our music.

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