Jonathan Thulin

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Jonathan Thulin is an artist/songwriter based out of Minneapolis, MN. A Dream Records artist originally from Sweden he brings unique music to many different musical genres. Singing since he was a little boy Jonathan says “Music was always my passion, is my passion and will always be my passion”.
Jonathan gained recognintion for his music video “Babylon” in 2011 and has been intertwining his music with cinema ever since. His new video “Bombs Away” Feauturing Rachael Lampa premiered on New Release Tuesday on January 15 to amazing success!
Jonathan has sung alongside the likes of Leeland, Remedy Drive, Group 1 Crew and has worked with Target Corporation on several “Lifescapes” albums. Jonathan is also one of the lead singers in the chart topping band Press Play and has co written two of their biggest songs “Three Little Words” and “Let it Out.” Jonathan is currently pursuing what he loves and pushing hard to break the boundaries of a typical “christian” artist. Though many of Jonathan’s songs spark from his love for God, he also writes from his personal experiences which makes it easy for his listeners to relate. At age 11 Jonathan began traveling full time with his family all across the U.S. For over 3 years full time Jonathan and his family travelled through over 35 states and sang in over 500 churches and sung with The Gaithers, Carman and many others.
His New album “The White Room” was recently released to rave reviews. Featuring Charmaine, Rachael Lampa and Elden.
“This album was different for me. I didn’t strategically write songs as I usually would, I just wrote what I felt in complete honesty. My hope is that this music will transcend beyond people’s ears and into their hearts. God is a big part of who I am and all I want is for that to shine through my music.”
Jonathan says of his new album, “What the world is searching for is something tangible, and there is nothing more tangible than the irrefutable love of Jesus Christ.”


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