David Thulin

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David grew up in Sweden in a musical family. He began to play piano at age 7, and picked up guitar and bass in his teens. David learned to record in his early teens thanks to his father who had some recording gear in their home. Initially David’s music was influenced by Caribbean, Bossa, Contemporary, and Smooth Jazz. Influences included Norman Brown, Julio Iglesias, and Jars of Clay.

In college, David grew fond of Euro Dance and Club music, more specifically Trance. This was when Trance was still a young genre. He was influenced by artists like DJ Tiesto, Cascada, Miss Jane, ATB, and Paul van Dyk. During this time David was also introduced to digital recording.

After experimenting and developing his skills through most of the 2000’s, David released his first album in 2008 titled “Morning Rise”.   He released two more titles: “Morning Rise Europe” in 2009 and “Heart of Trance” in 2010. All these titles were released independently and are available online. In 2010 David opened 3 Studios in Sweden and began to produce other artists. In 2011 David moved back to the USA bringing 3 Studios with him.

Having signed with Dream Records, David released his first album, Morning Rise Eternal in 2012 that featured remixes of fellow Dream artists Press Play, Jonathan Thulin, Warr Acres, Jeanette Thulin Claesson, and Shake the Nation.  On April 23, 2013, David is getting ready for his second remix album titled, Reconstruction that features remixes of Group1Crew, Manic Drive, Silverline, Rachael Lampa, Charmaine, Press Play, Remedy Drive, Jonathan Thulin and many more!

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