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Los Angeles, CA | May 2016 Dream Worship is excited to announce the release of “With You” from Anchor Worship in Oahu, HI! Anchor Worship is the worship ministry to Anchor Church (based in Kaneohe, Hawaii), lead by Worship Pastor, Trevor Ferge. “With You” is a beautiful worship album chalked full of lyrical praise, hope and glory mixed with a current cutting edge sound perfect for the church. With You, is the debut album by the worship team on Dream Records worship division, Dream Worship.

Purchase “With You” today! Text ANCHOR to 51555 or click here:

Check out the featured track “Heart Cry Out” now!
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The story behind our name is purely based on the fact that Jesus is our anchor in every facet of life. In the biggest celebrations and in the heaviest trials, Jesus has been – and will be – there. He has been our constant, faithful and secure Savior of whom we want to tell the world about. Hebrews 6:19 says:

Over the years Hebrews 6:19 has been and continues to be a verse that resonates with Pastor Carl personally as God continues to reveal our spiritual calling.

As with many of us, the storms of life hit us and there are times when we are left completely hopeless. However, it is also in those times that we discover the only thing we can really hold on to: our anchor Jesus Christ.

It is from these experiences that God inspired Pastor Carl to change our name to Anchor Church. It is a result of Jesus coming through for us time after time, and is a reflection of our vision to be a place where people can find refuge in the storms they find themselves in. We want to be a church that is strong and secure in the word of God, and also simple in showing the love and grace of Jesus to our community and to the world.


DREAM was founded in 2008 to provide artists with a genuine approach to how real artist development should be done. By allowing for a partnership as a business model, Dream’s artists empower themselves to develop and carry out a real vision for their lives as they affect other people’s lives with their music and message. Incorporating social media, press, radio and touring it’s allowing it’s artists grow together as a family.


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Gina Hanley

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