Runaways - Sumerlin

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Sumerlin - "Runaways"


In the wake of swarming bands fighting for a musical footprint in a scene flooded with genres that mimic one another – SUMERLIN stands apart by blending the importance in being both culturally relevant and spiritually significant. These guys have so much to offer to everyone – with their heart for ministry, passion for live performance, and drive for musical entertainment.

Sumerlin has ferociously toured the east coast sharing the stage with such acts as Decyfer Down, Disciple, The Wedding, Hawthorne Heights, Sent By Ravens, The Rocket Summer, Silverstein, Bleach, Wavorly, Satellites and Sirens… And more! Sumerlin is spilling hope into the lives of listeners with every note on every stage in every city. This is one musical endeavor that will survive the times.

“Just recently coming off a newly released EP (“MOTIVES”) with producer John Harrell (Sent By Ravens, Divided By Friday, Set It Off), the band has a recharged determination and vision to make their mark on the scene. This new sound is nothing short of massive and bold – driving guitars and meaningful lyrics with infectious melodies.”

“Sumerlin’s new material is a mix of power pop and ambience textured rock music. “Waiting on You” marries soaring vocals with crushing guitars and rippling guitar notes to create a tense dream effect. Their singer Dan DiGiovanni is a solid front man for the band’s edgy but sweet tempered sound. This genre of pop-rock tends to be overly cute and simple but Sumerlin transcend it, making something that sounds larger with more emotional presence. DiGiovanni’s coarse yet humble reaching vocals underscore the under-manicured sound from the band.”


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