Reconstruction Vol 2.1

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One Noise

1. David Thulin - "Light In Me" (Feat. Nicole Croteau)
David Thulin  

Reconstruction Vol 2.1

David Thulin returns to the scene with the second volume of his highly successful remix series, Reconstruction titled, Reconstruction Vol 2.1. David brings the latest new versions of songs by Natalie Grant, Press Play, Jonathan Thulin, Shine Bright Baby, Rapture Ruckus and an original featuring Nicole Croteau from Press Play. Bringing an eclectic mix of breakbeat, dance, house, trance and dubstep to today’s Christian radio hits. If you’re a fan of any of the artists on this album you will love it! Available in stores everywhere on January 7th.

Track listing:

  1. Light In Me (Feat. Nicole Croteau)
  2. Architecture by Jonathan Thulin (David Thulin Remix)
  3. Love Audio by Press Play (David Thulin vs Matthew Parker Remix)
  4. Beautiful Love by Shine Bright Baby (David Thulin Remix)
  5. In Crowd by Rapture Ruckus (ft. Soul Glow Activatur) (David Thulin Remix)
  6. This Is Love by Natalie Grant (David Thulin Remix)


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