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PRESS PLAY is a fresh, hip, cutting-edge and overwhelmingly ground-breaking band with its mission and “ahead of the trend” sound. If you weren’t paying close attention to PRESS PLAY’s up-tempo songs with beats, licks and raps, you might overlook the deep lyrics about faith, appreciation, love and acceptance, but the band’s passion and breathtaking performance definitely doesn’t let that happen.

PRESS PLAY’s latest album “#LITO” hits stores on October 1st. and is sure to head straight to the top of the charts. The first single off the album is “#LITO.” #LITO stands for “LOVE IN THE OPEN”. It’s a perfect upbeat summer pop song that encourages the world to not hide their love for Christ or one another and share God’s love in the open.

PRESS PLAY is made up of David Hanley (founder of Press Play & DREAM RECORDS), Jonathan Thulin (DREAM solo artist), Nicole Croteau (DREAM solo artist) and the greatest players ever. If you were to spend more than a minute with the band, you would quickly see that their passion is for Christ, reaching people and helping hurting children.

Previous singles include “NY2LA”, “Life Is Beautiful”, ‘Let It Out”, “Three Little Words”, “Getcha Hands Up”, “F.I.R.E.” and many more. PRESS PLAY tours full time while also appearing on NBC Today Show, FOX, ENews and many more. PRESS PLAY’s Headlining Fall Tour welcomes opening artist like Manic Drive, Silverline, Jonathan Thulin, David Thulin and other special guest.

Track Listing:

1. #LITO

2. Force Of Nature

3. Love Audio

4. Song For The Broken

5. Snap A Picture

6. Top Of The World

7. Android

8. I Can Breathe

9. Wonder Struck

10. I Choose

11. NY2LA (David Thulin Remix)

12. #LITO (David Thulin Remix) (only on CD)

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