I Don’t Want To Dance - Loftland

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After releasing their debut EP, Let’s Make It Loud, Loftland is following up with their debut full-length, I Don’t Want To Dance, on DREAM Records February 18th, 2014. Taking their current pop sound, Loftland’s message of hope and relationship will be sure to connect with today’s generation.

Track listing

1. Today Is A New Day

2. Girl Like That

3. How You Love Me

4. Lie To Me

5. Can’t Get Enough

6. Lovesick

7. Hold On, Small one

8. Don’t Want To Dance

9. Runaway

10. Let’s Make It Loud
About Loftland
Loftland, the Wisconsin based pop rock quintet, fuses honest and uplifting lyrics with inescapably infectious hooks that are sure to stick in your head for days on end. Backed by a frenetic live show, you simply can’t help getting caught up in the overwhelming sense of passion and purpose radiating from these five young men. The band is comprised of brothers Dominic and Tanner Gibbs, Ben Pepin, and Joey MGuire and has a median age of just 21 years. The future for this fresh-faced group only looks brighter with each step forward.

To say that Loftland has been working harder than most independent artists over the past four years would be an understatement. Since 2008, they have managed to release three separate EPs to their ever-growing fan base and, simultaneously, maintain a heavy touring schedule year round. Their passion for connecting with people both on and off the stage has driven them to create one of the most powerful live shows in the midwest.


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