Color Of Love - Steven Welch

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The anticipation for the release of Steven Welch’s first solo album has created hype across the US and Australia. With a release date in May 2012, the album has already received high comments from musicians from MuteMath and Grand Atlantic on twitter and facebook, and radio stations like KADI and Australia’s 96.5fm are buzzing on the air. He has received huge support from the church we he serves as worship pastor, James River Assembly leading 9,000 weekly, and budding artists like Jeremy Larson, Hunz, and for a fresh sound to Christians music and amazing passion from a solo artist

Track Listing:

1. Color of Love
2. You See Hope In Mme
3. Waiting
4. I Want To Love You
5. Waves
6. Love Reaches Me
7. House of Secrets
8. More
9. Send Your Light
10. The Day
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