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DREAM RECORDS | DREAM LABEL GROUP was founded by David Hanley in 2008, lead singer of PRESS PLAY.  David Hanley (President) and wife Gina Hanley (VP of Development) have one very focused purpose and passion… and that is to see lives changed.  David Hanley is also a Foursquare Ordained Pastor under Pastor Wayne Cordeiro and a former 20 year full time Worship Pastor, now President of DREAM RECORDS | DREAM LABEL GROUP.  Lance Brown (General Manager) is one of our industry’s leading minds and together this team puts all trust in God.  DREAM LABEL GROUP is truly setting a New Standard in the music and entertainment industry, while reaching thousands of lives each day. DREAM is honored to represent over 50 artist and ministries worldwide such as Life.Church (Pastor Craig Groschel), NewSpring Church, T.D. Jakes, Potter’s House, Dexterity Sounds, Lakewood Church(Joel Osteen/ Cindy Cruse Ratcliff), G12 / Soulfire Revolution (Cesar Castellanos), New Hope Oahu (Wayne Cordeiro), The Rock Church, Satellites & Sirens and many more.

Taking advantage of the music industry’s vast changes, Hanley saw this as a perfect opportunity, “The Perfect Storm” to capitalize on a vacancy and oversight in the general music market.  With the digital age causing a drastic change in the delivery of music, Hanley saw this a an excellent opportunity to not only master the digital world but to also stay the proven course on many of the viable systems and business models, that many major labels and independents were vacating.

DREAM’s approach and model is to not only sign and develop artist in the traditional manner of promoting an artist to the top of the traditional music industry and market – but also not forgetting about the church-based artist and developing a solid foundation of artist that are called, committed and targeted to reach their local, regional and world markets.  Regardless of the genre, DREAM is very certain of their purpose and calling… and that is to develop, train, mentor, release, promote and market world-class “Music Missionaries”.

DREAM feels that their job is to fan the flame and move the smoke of the fire that is authentically blazing from the pulpit, platform, community, worship, music and artist.  DREAM unashamedly admits that they are not the label or distribution partner to create the fire that isn’t there. DREAM is the passionate ministry partners who proclaim and shout about the fire that is ablaze within that artist and / or church of committed, faithful and passionate believers and leaders.

DREAM is very focused on reaching the lost and hurting people of not only our nation but also the world.  DREAM is a Christian company in business to reach the lost.  DREAM doesn’t see the lines between the Christian and Secular music industry but instead, wholeheartedly and proudly acknowledges that each of us are using God given talents… so let’s use them for reaching the people that God sent his son to die for.


Los Angeles, CA serves the National Offices for DREAM.


Our partners of Capitol Label Group, Capitol Christian Distribution and EMI CMG are located in Nashville, TN.  This incredible team is our committed partners who hour by hour, day by day are helping DREAM reach our world.


DREAM has been very intentional by purposefully establishing “key” hubs in strategic locations around the globe.  DREAM’s World Headquarters and Recording Studios are located in Honolulu, Oahu and is under the covering of New Hope Oahu, with Pastor Wayne Cordeiro. The DREAM offices and team located in Honolulu are focused on the global systems of DREAM and are expanding through Asia and the Pacific Rim markets.

With over 40 active artists, through 8 Label Divisions, these artist are destined to soar to the top of national and world charts and numerous Billboard & Radio charting releases, DREAM’s future is very bright and all credit and honor is given to God.


DREAM LABEL GROUP is honored and privileged to unashamedly identify ourselves as a faith-based, Christian label group. We are honored and privileged to carry and wave the flag of Christ high. Just as John 3:16 says and in line with the words of such a great song by the Newsboys, “We Believe” – DREAM LABEL GROUP, its staff and team believe wholeheartedly in the infallible Word of God.

“We believe in God the Father

We believe in Jesus Christ

We believe in the Holy Spirit

And He’s given us new life

We believe in the crucifixion

We believe that He conquered death

We believe in the resurrection

And He’s coming’ back again, we believe”

–       WE BELIEVE that we are to show the love of Christ in everything we do.

–       WE BELIVE in God’s immeasurable grace.

–       WE BELIEVE in God’s healing power.

–       WE BELIEVE that we are to be people of strong faith.

–       WE BELIEVE that we are to be people with sincere humility and unending reverence.

–       WE BELIEVE that we are to be people of extreme gratitude.

–       WE BELIEVE that we are to be people of extreme generosity. Generous in our finances, our love for Christ and our gratitude of others. Be GENEROUS with your love, be GENEROUS with your compliments, be GENEROUS with your affirmations, be GENEROUS with what the Lord gave you to give away.

–       WE BELIEVE that we are to stand for the things Christ stood for, love the things Christ loved, hate the things He hated, speak for the things Christ spoke for and to live for things Christ died for.

–       WE BELIEVE in holding the line of Christ by standing firm, speaking firm and living firm on the Word of God.

–       WE BELIEVE in standing strong and holding the line on the principles that Christ and our country’s Christian forefathers stood for. Even as prophecy is being fulfilled and the lines and principles are being moved and compromised in our culture and Country, we believe that Jesus Christ is same yesterday, today and forever and that we will forever hold the whole Word of God as our irrefutable guide. We believe culture changes but God’s love never changes. God’s word never changes. God’s law never changes. Truth is truth. Man will never change God.

–       WE BELIEVE in doing what’s right in God’s eyes and not what’s popular. Realizing that from Mother Teresa, Mandela, Martin Luther King to Jesus Christ…they’ve all had their critics. We believe in being in good company.

–       WE BELIEVE that loyalty to Christ is more important than ANY other. More than an organization, a job, a church or any other man. We believe if you’re loyal to Christ, then you’ll be loyal, faithful and of good character throughout your personal, professional and ministerial lives. Stop following Moses and go up the mountain YOURSELF.  Fall in love with JESUS himself.

–       WE BELIEVE in not being grey or lukewarm in our beliefs, our speech nor our actions.

–       WE BELIEVE in the local church and that it is the Bride of Christ. We believe that our staff and the artist signed to DREAM should be consistently faithful to their local Church and their Pastor with their attendance, service and faithful financial support.

–       WE BELIEVE that our staff and artists should live their lives in a manner that illustrates Christ and the Word of God.

–       WE BELIEVE that our artists should live the life and lifestyles that their songs portray, and that those songs should portray the Word of God. We believe that living IT is a better example than singing IT, saying IT or preaching IT.

–       WE BELIEVE that our staff and artists should be positive people who always speak well of others.

–       WE BELIEVE that our staff and artist should be Unite-ers not Dividers, Include-ers not Excluder-ers, Givers not Users.

–       WE BELIEVE that our staff and artist are to be people of good character, strong morals, humble, grateful, respectful, stable, mature behaviors, honest, non-gossipers, non-divas, living out their Christ-like characteristics. We believe these characteristics are to be evident through their ministry lives, their social media lives, their conversations, their lyrics and their relationships.

–       WE BELIVE that our staff and artists are to be biblically sound with their personal and ministerial finances and stewardship.

–       WE BELIEVE in partnering with people, organizations, ministries and companies of like faith and principles.

–       WE BELIEVE in developing, releasing, supporting and endorsing morally strong MUSIC MISSIONARIES. We believe and know that talent alone, will always fall short. We believe in partnering with artist who understand their Kingdom responsibilities and who live those characteristics out.

For more information and to stay connected with Dream go to our social pages: Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

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